The Influencer Marketing Masterclass

PowerHouse | Influencer Marketing Masterclass

We’ve built The Influencer Marketing Masterclass to equip your eCom brand with quality influencer content that accelerates trust, credibility, and sales using The D.A.B. Method

Who Is The Influencer Marketing Masterclass For?

We’ve built this masterclass for entrepreneurs or marketers who own or operate an e-commerce brand online, no matter their size, experience, or niche.

You Likely Need This If…

  • You feel like your brand would reach its next level of growth if your product was endorsed, associated, or seen with influencers that your market cares about

  • You want to build a brand that’s successful, scalable, and profitable — while maximizing brand equity and staying power so you can become recognized as the leader of your market

  • You want to leverage proven strategies and tactics that are working right now from the best in the industry instead of risking your time, money, and energy on something that “might” work

  • You need help finding the most suitable influencers for your brand that will give you the highest ROI without costing an arm or leg

Why We Built The Influencer Marketing Masterclass For You & Others

While scaling his oral care brand, Josh Snow, one of our co-founders, experienced the power of influencer marketing first hand.

His brand SNOW landed deals, endorsements, and appearances with celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, Rob Grownkowski, Ellen Degeneres, Chris Pratt, Kris Jenner, The Doctors, Wendy Williams, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and many more.

As a result, he bootstrapped his revenue to over 9 figures in just under three years. We built this masterclass to reveal what he learned along the way — step by step.

If you want to stay on the cutting edge of the influencer marketing landscape and avoid the costly pitfalls that distract the majority of brands today, then pay close attention.

Become An Influential Brand By Accelerating Trust, Credibility, And Sales In A Matter Of Days

To land a new customer, your brand must first build trust.

Only thing is, this fundamental principle of marketing typically requires multiple touch points with your prospects before they ever convert.

That means prospects could take weeks — even months — to trust your product enough to hop off the fence and pull out their wallets.

And at that rate, it could take decades to build a widely recognized brand within your market.

So instead, we’re going to show you how to shorten this timecycle by hijacking “influence” for pennies on the dollar in a matter of just days, minutes, and hours — rather than decades.

And by doing so, prospects will feel an instant connection with your brand, compelling them to buy on the spot.


Scaling Word-of-Mouth Marketing By Tapping Into 2022’s Burgeoning “Creator Economy” Of Over 50 Million Influencers & Counting

It’s no secret. Most brands realize that influencer marketing is the key to growing and scaling an ecomm brand.

But far too many have struggled to adopt the newest, best practices as the “Creator Economy” grows at a rapid pace.

The Creator Economy:

The collaboration and transactions between independent online content creators (writers, vloggers, influencers, artists, and more) and the companies helping sustain them through monetizing their audience, creativity, and body of work.

After all, 50 million people identified themselves as a “creator” last year. And some predict that a whopping one billion people will self-identify as a creator in the next 5 years.

In short, there are more creators and influencers than ever before who are exploring ways to monetize, structure, and legitimize their careers in 2022.

To Sustain This New Economy, Influencers Are Looking For Brands Like Yours To Collaborate And Monetize Their Audiences With

This rapid growth is bringing new meaning to the influencer marketing industry.

That’s why it’s imperative that brands build and leverage relationships with influencers — right now — to stay ahead of their competition.


Discover Influencers | Acquire Deals | Boost Content & Sales

Discover Influencers

Acquire Deals

Boost Content & Sales

Precisely built for this new era of influencer marketing, The D.A.B. Method is our 3-step process for launching high-ROI marketing campaigns with influencers who are aligned with your brand.

PowerHouse | Influencer Marketing Masterclass

Here’s how it works:



First, we show you how to easily find the right influencers to collaborate with — at the right time for your brand.

Some brands make the mistake of chasing after celebrity endorsements right away. Celebrities may sound appealing, but without the correct foundation in place, an expensive one-off post won’t generate the returns you’re hoping for.

(They still have their role — it’s just crucial you have the infrastructure to make the most of it first.)

So instead, we’re going to show you how to ascend the 3 “stepping stones” of influencer marketing.

We start with nano-influencers and micro-influencers first, because they’re extremely affordable and generate the best results.

The 3 Stepping Stones Of Influencer Marketing


2.5k-49k Followers

Most affordable to work with. Usually willing to "work" for free product. Nano influencers generally have a strong, yet small, following. Fantastic for UGC.


50k-250k Followers

Best for real, quality engagement, trusted by their community and followers and oftentimes hold more weight when it comes to aiding in product sales than larger celebrities.


250k+ Followers

Great to leverage for massive brand exposure and breaking into new markets however this group is the most costly to engage with.

Nano and micro-influencers are the easiest to collaborate with. Their audiences, although smaller than a celebrities’, are hyper-engaged and active.

Plus, these audiences have a deeper sense of loyalty to the nano or micro-influencer than they do to any celebrity.

Frankly, you could build a massive brand off these first two categories alone. And that’s why we emphasize leveraging their audiences first.

Inside The Masterclass, We Share A Simple “Discovery Process” That Makes Finding Relevant Influencers A Walk In The Park.

This discovery process even reveals pages full of influencers who are already fans of your brand — a goldmine that could represent hundreds of thousands, if not millions of potential revenue.

Then, as you filter through influencers, we’ve provided The Perfect Influencer Checklist to ensure they align with your brand’s values and messaging.

This checklist also verifies if their following is legitimate and within the ideal audience “engagement ratio.”

That way, you won’t waste time collaborating with an influencer who’s got a bunch of fake followers and fake engagement.

Once they’ve been authenticated, our Influencer Outreach Mastersheet helps you systematize and track your interactions with each particular influencer.

Before you know it, you’ll be ready for the next step of the process: acquiring the deal.



After you’ve received your list of qualified influencers, it’s time to perform outreach so you can acquire collaborative deals with them.

We make it simple to start conversations with them by providing high-converting, fill-in-the-blank DM/Email Script Flows that you can copy and paste.

These Scripts Tell You Exactly What To Say, How To Say It, And When To Say It, So You Can Acquire Deals Fast & Easy

Now, it’s important to note: asking for one-time shout outs or “swipe-ups” is no longer recommended. Past algorithm updates have rendered them nearly useless for generating sales.

That’s why our scripts are designed to land deals that capitalize on today’s most effective strategies, and not outdated deliverables that’ll drain your budget.

This new playbook has been proven by hundreds of brands that are scaling from the trenches right now.

Once your desired influencers agree to collaborate, just send the Influencer Onboarding Form, which will ensure you receive high-quality content from them quickly.

This important form ensures multiple key factors are covered and agreed upon between both parties, including:

  • A simple creative brief that gives the influencer enough brand guidelines while still giving them breathing room to express their unique style and authenticity

  • The agreement between you and the influencer for the sought-after assets

  • Shipping details so you can send them your product if needed

  • Usage rights to freely repurpose the assets in your campaigns, funnels, socials, etc.

  • And more...

Once the influencer creates your content, the magic begins.



At this point, you’re holding user-generated content that amplifies your brand’s message from multiple influencers in the palm of your hands.

For pennies on the dollar, you’ve received high-performing brand assets that would have normally cost no less than $500-$2k to reproduce from a traditional photoshoot.

And make no mistake:

Your New User-Generated Content Is Likely To Perform Better Than Any High-End Production Would

That’s because, by associating your product with your market’s favorite influencers, your brand is fused together with their unique, personable, and magnetic touch.

As a result?

You leverage the powerful psychological advantages below to override the long and expensive trust-building phase that would have otherwise taken years of goodwill to build organically.

The 3 Psychological Advantages Of Influencer Marketing


Authentic Content

Authentic, user-generated content doesn’t feel like an ad, helping prevent skepticism and user-experience interruption.


The "Liking" Effect

It’s easier to say “yes” to buying from somebody we like or relate to, which is the result of establishing connection and rapport..


The Bandwagon Effect

Perceived widespread adoption of your brand attracts others to follow the crowd and buy your products too.

Inside this final module of the D.A.B. Method, our experts walk you through how to repurpose this user-generated content to drive awareness, generate sales, and build overall brand equity.

By doing so, each deal, and each piece of content you receive, can generate ongoing results for a long time to come.

You Not Only Get To Benefit From The Influencers’ Audience & Reach, But Also Everywhere Else You’ll Leverage These High-Performing Brand Assets

Content is king. And now you can leverage your assets organically throughout your funnel, enhancing your emails, instagram, facebook, website, landing pages, and more.

No longer will you suffer from poor content like inauthentic stock photos that plague your conversions. Your brand has life — for pennies on the dollar.

Plus, we reveal step-by-step details for the latest paid traffic strategies, tactics, and secrets that amplify ads with your content too.

This immediately moves the needle even further, getting measured results with a high ROI. Say hello to word-of-mouth-marketing at scale.

After boosting your user-generated content in a variety of ways with these step-by-step methods...

Your Brand Will Be Transformed And Recognized As A Leader In The Market

With so much content from trustworthy influencers, virtually anyone who even thinks about buying from you will be bombarded with a barrage of social proof.

For many prospects, this excitement can’t be ignored. And it triggers their primal instinct to become a devoted customer too.

And that’s why using The D.A.B. Method is one of the smartest decisions you can make as an eCommerce brand today.

It’s perfect for not only building instant credibility and staying power, but also to generate tons of sales — especially as the Creator Economy skyrockets demand for collaboration.

To Help You Take Action Right Away, We Compiled The Most Useful Information And Step-By-Step Action Plans & Guides Inside The Influencer Marketing Masterclass

These are the same strategies and tactics that have been battle tested by 8 and 9-figure brands, like SNOW teeth whitening.

They can be used by anyone — no matter their size or niche — to shorten the timecycle of building trust and influence.

PowerHouse | Influencer Marketing Masterclass

The Influencer Marketing Masterclass


  • The D.A.B. Method: The 3-part, step-by-step action plan for launching high-ROI influencer campaigns that accelerate trust, credibility, and sales for pennies on the dollar.
  • DISCOVER influencers who align with your brand — from nano, micro, and celebrity categories — while easily authenticating and organizing their details to dial-in the perfect match

  • ACQUIRE profitable, collaborative deals by starting conversations with your selected influencers and systemizing outreach and agreements for high-quality content that engages your target audience

  • BOOST user-generated content through organic and paid strategies that rapidly amplify your brand’s messaging and increase sales by harnessing the 3 psychological advantages of influencer marketing

We’re giving you the Influencer Marketing Masterclass today, which has everything you need to start launching influencer campaigns with the DAB Method...

For Just One Payment Of

$497 $197 (Fast-Action Value)

To celebrate the release of this new masterclass, all of this — plus any future updates — is available for you today for just $197.

The discounted price is only for the first 1,000 entrepreneurs who take this opportunity now. Afterwards, we’ll be increasing the price to $497.

If you’re ready to grow and scale into an influential brand, then simply click the button to buy now:

You'll then be taken to our secure checkout page where you'll enter your basic information. Once you're done, you'll be able to immediately view the masterclass and begin using The DAB Method.

But if you’re thinking, "What if this doesn't work for me?" Then rest assured, because in the extremely unlikely event that occurs...

We're Giving You A 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

That means you can try this masterclass completely risk-free — and take an entire month to put it to the test. And on top of that, we’re going to sweeten the pot even further…

You’ll Also Get Immediate Access To 5 Free PowerHouse Bonuses

Bonus #1: The DAB Method EXTRAS (Value: $97)

  • The Perfect Influencer Checklist
  • DM/Email Script Flow
  • UGC Swipe File Of High-Performing Creatives
  • Influencer Outreach Mastersheet
  • Influencer Onboarding Form

Bonus #2: The Paid Traffic “Whitelist” Strategy That Supercharges Your Winning UGC Creatives (Value: $247)

After seeing which of your user-generated content performs best with The DAB Method, this little-known paid traffic strategy scales it to the next level.

It adds a fresh dynamic to the type of messaging you can use, because your ads are run from the influencer’s page.

As a result of this perceived “first-hand experience” with your product, your campaigns can better resonate with the audience, increasing conversions.

Bonus #3: Josh Snow’s Fireside Chats: How To Master Influencer Marketing (Value: $997)

If you were given an afternoon with Josh at his Scottsdale home and forced him to spill the beans on all his strategies, tactics, and tips when it comes to influencer marketing — these fireside chats would be the end result.

Josh holds nothing back. Grab a paper, pen, some coffee, and get ready to be blown away by all the possibilities that influencers can unlock for your brand.

This includes a step-by-step breakdown of how to maneuver through gatekeepers, so you can land massive deals with A-list celebrities like Drake when your brand is ready for more.

  • Introductions to Influencers
  • What Really Works With Influencer Marketing
  • Strategy Behind Micro Influencers
  • Strategy Behind Celebrity Influencers

Bonus #4: Josh Snow & Los Silva at PowerHouse Live: Influencer Marketing Keynote Speech ($1,497 Value)

The two founders of PowerHouse give their keynote speech about influencer marketing to a closed-door room of brand owners.

Listen to their latest actionable advice for the audience’s questions, current struggles, and real-world scenarios.

Bonus #5: Access to the eCom Business Owners, Experts & Brand Builders Facebook Community ($Priceless Value)

Join our private Facebook group with other entrepreneurs who are in the trenches, growing and scaling brands too. Ask questions, share wins, and discuss the latest happenings within eCommerce.

Access The Influencer Marketing Masterclass + 5 Free PowerHouse Bonuses Now For Just One Payment Of $197

We're Giving You A 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

As the founders of PowerHouse Ventures, we’re thrilled to help you master this new era of Influencer Marketing.

Josh Snow

About Josh Snow

13 years ago, Josh Snow stumbled into entrepreneurship and hasn’t looked back since.

As the founder of SNOW oral care, he bootstrapped the brand past 9 figures in the span of three years with the help of influencer marketing campaigns.

Josh is also one of the leading cast members of the new business reality show on, Going Public. He’s generated over a billion dollars in sales over the last decade and has scaled several multi-million dollar health, beauty, and finance brands.

Los Silva

About Los Silva

Los Silva has seen it all after scaling his agency past 8 figures — transforming the lives of his clients in industries of all kinds, from influencer-led businesses to eCommerce brands.

Through trials by fire across multiple domains, he has streamlined “the path” to online success.

After generating over a half billion dollars in sales, he now shares his proven strategies for those who crave their next phase of growth too.

Access The Influencer Marketing Masterclass + 5 Free PowerHouse Bonuses Now For Just One Payment Of $197

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